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November 27, 2006


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Vexel gallery?  What?  Wait, we don't have a vexel gallery. Well, we will soon and that's why I'm writing this news article.

Over the next few weeks I am going to start to put together all the subgalleries for a proper vexel gallery. Yes, that means we will officially have a legitimate vexel gallery of its own. This new gallery will be in the digital gallery section in a place of its own, just like vector has its own area. Before we do that, all the categories have to be hammered out and sifted through to see which ones are needed and which ones we can live without.

First off, if you're not completely sure what a vexel image is, read this vexel description. After digging around on the net, that's a great source of information about the medium. Hats off for such a clear and easy to understand definition.

This is going to be completely new so how the other digital galleries are set up are not important. Subgalleries for the other sections might not be appropriate for a vexel section so let's start from scratch.

A minimum collection of galleries might include:

1.  People
2.  Animals
3.  Vehicles
4.  Abstract
5.  Scenery
6.  Fanart
7.  Open Format (for images that don't exactly fit in the other galleries)

The goal is to create enough diversity so all vexel art can be submitted properly, but, not so wide spread that it is difficult to maintain. In other words, keep is simple, keep it clean.

Now's your turn, let me know what you want. Not promising to use every idea but the great ones will be put in place. When you make a suggestion, think what it would be like if you had to police it. Is it too close to another subgallery, not really going to get much art posted to it, too difficult to figure out what it means? Let us together create something that we all can be proud of and enjoy browsing every day.

If you want to help, speak your opinions politely, pass the word, and fave this article so it shows up in the popular page. The more people know about this, the better it can be.
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Tellaine Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2006
mmmh...given the fact that vexel is a style of art and vector just a medium...then where is the point in having two different galleries? when you take this definition seriously, the logical consequence would be to have a vexel category with 'vector' being a subcategory just as paintings is a subcategory of traditional art. or, even better, someone allready has suggested it before: rename the misc category of digital art into 'mixed media'. vexels are not the only way to mix digital medias up and all the non-vexel-but-still-mixing artists are not considered by the decision to make this new category.

mmmh...most probably noone cares about my point....however
Aeires Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2006
The Mixed Media gallery is on the board for later but it shouldn't be based around one type of art like this is. The thing that requires vexels to have their own gallery is that some do not contain mixed media techniques yet still don't belong in the vector galleries. It's unique enough yet has enough distinction, not to mention popularity, to warrant it's own section.
emphaqist Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2006
I'm all for this new gallery :D It's better than "miscellaneous"... and who cares if it's similar to vector? It's not exactly the same and calling it by the wrong name irritates many. Plus, it would promote vexelling =)
ScislaC Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
This news makes my day... woohoo!

Vectors and Vexels are definitely different. Given that I'm both a vector artist as well as a developer of Inkscape (open source vector illustration software), I think this has been a long time coming and I appreciate the DA staff listening to the community.
Marker-Guru Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
This is going to be great. now there wont be all those lost rasters in the vector galleries. =)
ahmednayyer Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2006  Professional General Artist
Although I am a Vector Artist and I see Vexels as a threat to Vectors, I would like to open heartedly accept and welcome Vexel art gallery, as I have seen many good examples of it, also I would like to mention that creating a dedicated gallery of vexels will help purify the vector art gallery, in which sometimes, vexels are posted.

- Ahmed Nayyer
Sewwy Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2006   Digital Artist
Why do you see vexels as a threat to vectors?

Vexels have been around for years, and they haven't done any damage to vector art... o_O
ahmednayyer Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2006  Professional General Artist
Please dont mind it and dont take anything to your heart :) My Respects.

The vexels are a threat to vectors in a way that young people will be influenced by vexel, and more people will get attracted to it, vexels can also deprive vectors artists the fame and appreciation they get today,

You can easily see that creating vexels is fairly easier than creating vectors, yet they almost deliver more or less same results.

Painful, is'nt it?

Although I dont hate Vexels, rather I would like to support them, but I fear them somehow.

I dont know but I dont like Anime, Eminem, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and alike, things that run up to young generation's minds and prevent their minds.

- Ahmed Nayyer
pure-andrea Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006
I disagree on your statement that vexelling is easier than vectoring.

I'm now using Illustrator to create vectors in the vexel style, but I used Photoshop before. To me it isn't harder at all to create vectors.. I just needed some time to get used to program, but it was the same when I started out with Photoshop.
ahmednayyer Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006  Professional General Artist
I can appreciate your views!

- Ahmed Nayyer
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